Secret to pouring 40,000 Slurpees at once? Open 40,000 7-Elevens

Slurpee fans rejoice: 7-Eleven announced Friday that the company has surpassed 40,000 locations, furthering its claim that the convenience store chain now has more retail outlets than any other company� of any kind� in the world. (7-Eleven is really just padding its lead now; it reported becoming the largest chain store in 2007, beating out McDonald’s, when it passed the 32,000 mark.)

Lights, camera, action: Hollywood goes to China

It’s Hollywood’s big weekend, but after the celebrations the industry will return to work on Monday in the same cash-strapped state it was before the Oscars. Many in the business — including Christian Bale — are slowly embracing the fact that China is their new frontier.

Big Oil’s $50 billion bet on Libya at stake

The instability in the Arab world claimed its first oil-rich victim over the weekend with the uprising in Libya. That’s bad news for the bevy of international oil firms that have set up shop in the cloistered North African nation over the years, most notably Eni, the Italian oil giant. Libya has become a hot bed of energy investment since the lifting of trade sanctions seven years ago. Major oil companies from BP to ExxonMobil could now stand to lose millions, and in some cases, billions of dollars in investments and expected future revenue if the current regime falls.

Oil prices surge 6% on Libya unrest

Oil prices jumped 6% Tuesday, spiking as high as $98 a barrel earlier in the session, as the crisis in Libya sparked concern that the turmoil roiling the Middle East could spread to other producing countries — including Saudi Arabia.